Gray is the new black, and math is the new sexy

Color always tells a story. 2014 story is about science and art. Today we appreciate knowledge as much as we celebrate design. Today math is the driving force and inspiration for fashion, architecture and art.

Complex yet simple forms and shapes of modern architecture

Complex yet simple forms and shapes of modern architecture

Beautifully structured gowns

Beautifully structured gowns

Elegant, simple, uncluttered spaces

Elegant, simple, uncluttered spaces



Using geometry to create patterns and shapes, discover design at its most exquisite and mathematical.






Reasoned_Interior 1



Using spiritual balance of simplicity, delicate colors and strength tempered by softness. Dreamy, silent, introverted.



Diaphanous_Interior 1



Strange, unusual, wondrous. It’s where mad science meets fantasy, and sweet dreams overlap with feverish nightmares. Oddities are now objects of fascination. The bizarre has never been more beautiful.





Curiosity_crow 2



Revolution brought us machines that mimic embroidery, but the original technique retains its timeless enchantment.






Don’t be afraid to experiment in 2014!

Handsome wood paneling

Hello, I’m Joanna. I write for Arcadian Lighting, a premier source of high quality interior and exterior lighting fixtures. Thank you, Petra and Rena for allowing me to share a guest post with your readers. My topic today is handsome wood paneling. While this might conjure thoughts of 70s cheap wood paneling, the rooms below display anything but. Some of them reflect rich woods while others tend towards the lighter side. Would you enjoy this great looking wood paneling in your home?

Bookcase Living Room

A traditional living room features built in bookcases amongst wood paneling for a stately look. The wall sconces and table lamps add to the symmetry of the room.

Light Wood Entryway

A beautiful entry boasts decorative light wood paneling along with dark wood floors, risers and front door. The contrast works nicely to define the space.

Gray and Orange Wood

Multi-toned wood paneling in shades of gray, orange and beige create an accent wall in this casually furnished living room.

Scandinavian Living Room

The light wood paneling adds to the crisp and fresh feel of this Scandinavian living room. A darker wood paneling would close the space in making it feel smaller, so the lighter wood is a good choice.

Rustic Nursery

An accent wall of horizontally applied wood gives this nursery a rustic appearance. The swing arm lighting fixture gives a modern touch to the space.

Warm Exotic Wood Furnishing

Exotic wood paneling warms and adds interest to the space. The tones of the wood are carried through to the furnishings and flooring.

Chalkboard Dining Room

White paneling adds to the country feel of this dining room. The chalk board border is a homey touch.

Eclectic Living Room

A matte-finished wood covers the ceiling, floors and walls of this eclectic living room. The hanging light fixture, a ship chandelier is stunning.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Which wood paneling might you choose for your home?  Leave a comment and stop by Arcadian Lighting to brighten up your wood panelings!

White walls can talk…

Suggesting white color for the walls often raises a few eyebrows among our clients. Isn’t it boring? Will the room feel uninviting and cold?  We don’t think so! Check out these projects – no other color but white would work in these spaces.

Suzanne Kasler

Safdie Rabines Architects

Charlie Simmons

Spaces Designed

White shouldn’t be equated with absence of color or imagination. Its subtle beauty can become a wonderful background for furnishings, fabrics and art. A word of caution: picking out the right white is a task in its own. The numerous shades of white, 120 to be precise in Benjamin Moore collection, and each one of them has its own personality, really! You might get surprised when that personality comes out after the walls are painted and the tape is off. Some of our favorites:

  •  Navajo White – a timeless shade of creamy white, great for kitchen cabinetry with glazed door detail for an old-world look
  • White Dove – simply perfect white, not too creamy, not too stark
  • Decorators Whites – cool white, try it on trim
  • Atrium White – crisp white with drops of purple
  • Swiss Coffee – off-white color with a touch of sophistication, no yellow undertones
  • Linen white – clean and fresh

Why we love white so much? It brings everything to a balance and works across many styles. When used deliberately it can create some fun and colorful spaces.



White walls make beautiful William Morris inspired motifs even more stunning


Simply Happy Room

From a point of view of color psychology, white represents harmony, serenity, new beginning. So, please don’t be afraid of white. It may not seem to be as exciting as orange but give it a try!